Leadership Development Research Definitions

Helpful Definitions


Private: Part of the national economy, but is not owned by the state. For profit businesses.

Church: Leading within the Christian Church.

Christian Agency: An organisation that encourages and supports Christians and the Church.

Third: The part of an economy or society made up of non-governmental and non-profit-making organisations, such as charities and voluntary groups.

Public Sector: The part of an economy that is controlled by the state.



Leadership: Leadership does not necessitate a person to have a specific title or position, but it is the process of influencing society and individuals around you. Leaders engage and develop others while working towards a common goal.

Leadership Development: The process of enabling growth in an individual’s character, skill set and gifting to enhance their leadership ability. This includes a variety of methods such as: coaching, mentoring, in service programs, formal University training, online learning and on the job training.


Mentoring Terms

Discipler: Basic habits of the Christian life dealing with hearing from God and talking with God; operating in a fellowship of Christians; learning to minister in terms of giftedness; learning to get input from God.

Spiritual Guide: Evaluation of spiritual depth and maturity in a life and help in growth in this.

Coach: Skills of all kinds depending on the expertise of the coach.

Counsellor: Timely and good advice which sheds perspective on issues and problems and other needs.

Teacher: Relevant knowledge that can be used for personal growth or ministry or other such need.

Sponsor: Protective guidance and linking to resources so that a leader reaches potential.

Contemporary Model: Values impactfully demonstrated in a life that can be transferred and used in one’s own life (normally learning from afar by following the life and content of a notable contemporary leader).

Historical Model: Values demonstrated in a life and inspiration drawn from that life so as to encourage ongoing development in ones own life and a pressing on to finish well.

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