Emerging Leaders’ Workshop in Keswick 2021

Simon Barrington
Founder of Forge Leadership Consultancy, is an experienced Chief Executive who is now utilising this experience in mentoring, coaching, advising and supporting executives and Church leaders in leadership development.

Marianne Welsh

 Marianne is an experienced coach and facilitator who works internationally with leaders from business, charity and church.  She enables leaders and teams to go to the next level by connecting them to their purpose.  Marianne’s background is in Human Resources at Deloitte. She has also worked at Director level in award-winning social transformation charity Resurgo Trust and founded a couple of coaching startups.

James Robson
Ministry Director of Keswick Ministries.
Before leading Keswick Ministries, James was involved in the training of church leaders for nearly 20 years, helping with their formation and teaching them the Old Testament. He taught for 10 years at Oak Hill College, and then for seven years at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford University, where he was Senior Tutor and part of the Senior Management Team.

After a very well-received first event online in 2020, we are planning to run the next Emerging Leaders’ Workshop in Keswick from October 4th to October 8th 2021.

Called to lead in the workplace, in a charity or in a church? In your 20’s or 30’s and wanting to make a greater difference for Christ? Wanting to learn from those who have been before and from one another?

The Emerging Leaders’ Workshop is a structured space for you to engage with Christ, to be inspired and better equipped to lead radically and authentically now and in the future.

Hearing God’s Word: Through biblical teaching, sung worship and input from one another, engage with vital biblical teaching on leadership and discipleship.

Become like God’s Son: Every part of the workshop is designed to help God’s Word take root in your life so your leadership is more Christlike.

The week will have a blend of individual and group exercises, teaching, individual and group coaching and mentoring, an outdoor activity and forging relationships.

There will be space and time:

  • to slow down, and experience reflective practices through one-on-one coaching, group coaching and local mentoring.
  • to take stock, to reflect on where you are and where you would like to be, by God’s grace.
  • to regain strength, as you see afresh who you are in Christ and as you give and receive encouragement.
  • to shape your future, as you consider the next steps to make a difference for Christ in the ministry God has for you.

Serve God’s Mission: Go from the workshop, inspired and better equipped to lead radically and authentically now and in the future, so you can make a difference.

This workshop is aimed at leaders in their 20’s and 30’s who are already leaders of churches, leaders in the Corporate, Public Sector, Voluntary Sector and small businesses.

It will help you, in an immersive, open and supportive environment, to become more alive in your role, more secure in your identity, more invested in your character development and more influential in your relationships.

The workshop is being held as a partnership between Forge Consultancy and Keswick Ministries.

“Come prepared to be honest, open, challenged and changed and you will find that you meet Jesus in a new way, return refreshed and ready for your next challenge and look at the issues you face from a completely new perspective.” Simon Barrington, founder and director of Forge Consultancy

Delegates will work closely with our coaches – individually and in groups – who will help leaders develop their own personal development plan based on Five I’s of Leadership: Intimacy with Jesus, Identity in Christ, Integrity of Character, Inner Strength and Influence. By the end of the week, delegates will have been supported to develop a personal development plan and will be partnered with other leaders to support them through the application.

The workshop format will be dynamic, interactive and transformative. It brings out and develops each individual’s gifting and addresses each individual’s situation, rather than giving a formulaic grid.

Cost and Venue

The workshop will be held at Keswick Ministries, in Keswick.

The cost for the workshop is £375 per person. This includes all materials, lunch, refreshment and 2 evening meals. B&B accommodation will be provided at an additional cost of £100 for 4 nights.

Application to attend the workshop

You need to apply by 17th September 2021. You will be notified shortly after this date if your application has been accepted and any application received after this will be put on a reserve list.


Click here to apply.