Creating a

Coaching Culture

Why create a Coaching Culture?

Would you like the people you lead to be :

  1. More able to thrive in a remote working environment?
  2. More self aware?
  3. More responsible for their actions?
  4. More collaborative?
  5. More creative?

And would you like that to be true across the whole of your organisation?

Creating a Coaching Culture can drive significant performance improvements by increasing levels of trust, increasing accountability, building stronger relationships and bringing coaching skills into all of your day to day processes and activities. Vital in a remote working environment

You will have already experienced the benefit an Executive Coach can bring in specialist and senior roles, and there really is no substitute for that. However each of your leaders can be implementing basic coaching skills in the way they handle 1:1’s, team meetings, performance reviews and daily conversations.

Forge Leadership’s flagship Creating a Coaching Culture programme can facilitate all of your leaders to start right now in implementing coaching skills in their normal working environment to improve performance and interdependency.

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Our Programme – fully deliverable online or in person

Creating a Coaching Culture introduces a new approach to line management that significantly improves the performance of the manager who attends the training and the performance of those who work in their team.

Pre-requisites People undertaking the programme must be current line managers who have had a recent experience of being coached by a qualified coach.

Programme Style The style of the programme is immersive, action orientated and experiential – with significant opportunities to practice and hone skills. It is much more “show and do” rather than “tell and listen”.

Programme Content The course introduces the following coaching principles and develops these coaching skills for managers:

1. Creating a coaching culture
2. Developing a coaching mindset
3. Building Trust
4. Active listening
5. Powerful questioning
6. Creating awareness and understanding different personalities
7. Building responsibility for performance.

You can download the full programme here : Creating a Coaching Culture

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Limited Time Special Offer

Thinking of Creating a Coaching Culture in 2021 as your organisation recovers from COVID-19?

For Creating a Coaching Culture Programmes that start before April 2021 then we offering a 10% discount on the total programme price of £4,000 ( Programme suitable for up to 10 people ) or £7,000 ( Programme suitable for up to 20 people )

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