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We’ve brought together a great team of people, with years of experience in real life leadership, evidence based research and authentic coaching.

Our dream is a generation of global leaders, confident in their identity, clear about their values and beliefs helping to build inspiring values-based and relational organisations that transform society.

We therefore chose to invest in leaders to help them know and arciculate who they are, so that they can lead with credibility and with competence, secure in their identity and inspiried to greater levels of influence.

Let us take a moment to introduce our people

Hi, my name is Simon. I’m passionate about raising up a generation of leaders who are clear about their identity, have a strong sense of belief and a core inner strength that leads them to have extraordinary influence. Before starting Forge, I led Samaritan’s Purse UK as Chief Executive from September 2003 to May 2017 after a successful business career in the telecommunications industry, where I was a Senior Manager at a large Telecommunications Company.

I enjoy travelling, having lived in Taiwan in my early twenties and then having the privilege to lead international relief and development projects in many African countries and across the Middle East, Eastern Europe, Central Asia and South East Asia. My strengths are in ideation, developing others, strategic thinking, connecting disparate pieces of the jigsaw and activation. My focus at Forge is on helping other people reach their full potential.

Our People : Simon Barrington, Founder and Director of Forge Leadership

My name is Rachel and I graduated in 2017 with a First Class degree in International Development. I have been interested in issues of development and social justice from a young age. One of my passions is to see an end to the human trafficking of people. Before University, I went to Canada for a 5 month leadership course which centred on discipleship and mission. I loved this experience and it grew in me a great passion for seeing young leaders being raised up and supported to fulfil their God given potential. This is why I am so excited to be working at Forge Leadership as a research assistant exploring the leadership development needs of Christian millennials.

Our People : Rachel Harris, Researcher

My name is Ceri. Having first trained as a Life Purpose Coach, I have been coaching people in a variety of contexts for almost 10 years. There is nothing more exciting than helping leaders unlock their potential, and see possibilities that had previously alluded them. Married to Simon Harris for over 25 years, I have served in local church leadership, working alongside people of all backgrounds. We have four children moving into adulthood.

I offer a variety of coaching for leaders including transitional coaching, core value coaching, new venture coaching as well as life purpose coaching to people who are working in all spheres of business. In a Christian context I also offer core-gifting coaching and coach and train people to hear from God and help others do the same.

Our People : Ceri Harris, Professional Certified Life Coach

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Forge Leadership Podcast Episode 19 : Mark Heasman

Mark Heasman loves the outdoors, loves working with young people and children and loves seeing transformation in their lives. Over a 20 year career as a Chief Executive he has led Rock UK – a Christian outdoor pursuits provider, Ormiston Families and now is set to lead the global organisation Christian Camping International.

Simon Barrington catches up with Mark during the last week of his current role with Ormiston Families and reflects on what has shaped him as a leader.

Forge Leadership Podcast Episode 18 : Jody Wainwright

Jody Wainwright is a Director of the British Fine Jewellery company Boodles, a family run company where he particularly enjoys finding and acquiring diamonds from around the world.

Simon Barrington asks Jody how he applies his Christian faith and values to his work and how relationship is one of the fundamental keys to success in business.

Forge Leadership Podcast Episode 17 : Nic Harding

Nic Harding is the Director of Together for the Harvest (www.tfh.org.uk) – a region wide missional unity movement and Kairos Connexion (www.kairosconnexion.org)a national network of Churches and leaders journeying together in mission and discipleship.
Nic talks about raising up young leaders, the need to disciple them, to give them space and to be authentic and what it means to be a leader who others can follow closely.

Forge Leadership Podcast Episode 16 : Steve Adams

Steve Adams has spent his career helping people, companies, charities and churches become persuasive – because persuasion is the bread and butter of progress. When you communicate, how clear are you on what prompts response in their brain? In 2017 Steve published a book called CentreBrain which identifies how communication prompts, and harnesses the normally subconscious Limbic brain.
Steve works with a range of people, organisations and charities helping them apply the prompts and principles to their communications, brand and story. In this episode, Steve explains how the CentreBrain works and how you can be more effective as a leader in communication by understanding this.

Forge Leadership Podcast Episode 15 : Rev Dr Hugh Osgood

This weeks guest is the Rev Dr Hugh Osgood. Hugh is a senior UK church leader, accomplished Bible teacher and preacher, and is known for his thoroughness combined with prophetic and practical insights. Hugh is passionate about equipping fellow leaders and for encouraging churches to engage with their communities. Hugh holds a number of national and international positions, being the Free Churches Moderator and a President of Churches Together in England, as well as being the Co-Chair of the UK Charismatic and Pentecostal Leaders’ Conference and serving as the founding President of Churches in Communities International.

Forge Leadership Podcast Episode 14 : Dr Krish Kandiah

In this episode we interview Dr Krish Kandiah. Krish is the Founding Director of Home for Good, a young charity seeking to make a real difference in the lives of vulnerable children. Together with his wife, Miriam he co-authored a catalytic book “Home for Good” which blends the story of God and addresses challenges of our times. Krish is in demand as a speaker both nationally and internationally. He regularly speaks at larger conferences, corporate events and is a regular broadcaster on radio and television.

Forge Leadership Podcast Episode 13 : Tim Morfin

This weeks guest is Tim Morfin. Tim is the Founder and CEO of Transforming Lives for Good ( www.tlg.org.uk ) an innovative Christian charity that is partnering with local Churches to come alongside children at risk of being excluded from education. Tim talks about the growth of the charity over 25 years, how it was founded, how he has changed as leader and the other leaders that have had an impact on him. Full of inspiring stories, this is a must listen for budding social entrepreneurs.

Forge Leadership Podcast Episode 12 : Joy Marsden

This weeks guest is Joy Marsden. Joy’s mission is to ‘Inspire the Worlds Professionals’ to live a happy and successful life. She is known for her incredible, purpose-filled, healthy perspective to work and everyday pressures. In this podcast she talks about the need to bring humanity back into the workplace, and the need to get uncomfortable if we want to change. www.joymarsden.com

Forge Leadership Podcast Episode 11 : Bev Kauffeldt

Our guest on the Forge Leadership Podcast this week is Bev Kauffeldt. Following on from the interview with her husband Kendell last week, Bev describes the horror of living through the Ebola crisis, of facing death head on, and how a greater understanding of who she was and great freedom in her leadership followed.