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We’ve brought together a great team of people, with years of experience in real life leadership, evidence based research and authentic coaching.

Our dream is a generation of global leaders, confident in their identity, clear about their values and beliefs helping to build inspiring values-based and relational organisations that transform society.

We therefore choose to invest in leaders to help them know and articulate who they are, so that they can lead with credibility and with competence, secure in their identity and inspired to greater levels of influence.

Let us take a moment to introduce our people

Hi, my name is Simon. I’m passionate about raising up a generation of leaders who are clear about their identity, have a strong sense of belief and a core inner strength that leads them to have extraordinary influence. Before starting Forge, I led Samaritan’s Purse UK as Chief Executive from September 2003 to May 2017 after a successful business career in the telecommunications industry, where I was a Senior Manager at a large Telecommunications Company.

I enjoy travelling, having lived in Taiwan in my early twenties and then having the privilege to lead international relief and development projects in many African countries and across the Middle East, Eastern Europe, Central Asia and South East Asia. My strengths are in ideation, developing others, strategic thinking, connecting disparate pieces of the jigsaw and activation. My focus at Forge is on helping other people reach their full potential.

Our People : Simon Barrington, Founder and Director of Forge Leadership

My name is Ceri. Having first trained as a Life Purpose Coach, I have been coaching people in a variety of contexts for almost 10 years. There is nothing more exciting than helping leaders unlock their potential, and see possibilities that had previously alluded them. Married to Simon Harris for over 25 years, I have served in local church leadership, working alongside people of all backgrounds. We have four children moving into adulthood.

I offer a variety of coaching for leaders including transitional coaching, core value coaching, new venture coaching as well as life purpose coaching to people who are working in all spheres of business. In a Christian context I also offer core-gifting coaching and coach and train people to hear from God and help others do the same.

Our People : Ceri Harris, Professional Certified Life Coach

I’m Marianne and I am passionate about seeing leaders walk powerfully and purposefully in the authenticity of who they are.

I have worked in the leadership development field for over 20 years. Having ‘performed’ myself to burnout in a senior level role at Deloitte, I understand the demands of the commercial world and the need for resilience. Working at Director level in the charity sector reinforced the importance of authenticity in developing trust and influence.  As the founder of two coaching consultancies I have had plenty of opportunities to sharpen my own leadership approach.

The leaders I work with learn to operate in a more life-giving, effective and impactful way. Their vision expands and their focus sharpens. The coaching style I use is creative, immersive and heart-based. It focuses on developing healthy mind-sets to bring about significant, long-lasting transformation.

I am married to James and live in South West London. I love the culture of the big city but like to contrast it with plenty of time in nature.

Our People : Ceri Harris, Professional Certified Life Coach

I’m Cathie and I am hard-wired to help my clients embrace their core values and live them out with clarity, integrity and conviction.

As a compassionate listener and change-agent my career has crossed nations, cultures and industries. I have worked as a leader and mentor in education, the charity sector and refugee engagement as well as mainstream consulting and coaching with European companies.  I now thrive as a coach and thinking partner with founders, leaders and other fearless adventurers.

Our People : Ceri Harris, Professional Certified Life Coach

Hi, my name is Victoria. I have worked in the charity sector for 30 years and find it to be incredibly rewarding whilst at the same time often a very challenging environment to be in. The business of transforming lives is never easy. My vision is therefore to support leaders as they seek to deliver on their vision in the most effective way possible.

I have operated at senior leadership and board level in the areas of finance, governance and HR, being a chartered accountant as well as holding a CIPD qualification. In these roles I have sought to combine my financial acumen with my people skills to lead out on the successful execution and delivery of strategies that take organisations from failing to good and then to even better, walking alongside boards and chief executives. I now seek to bring this experience to boards and leaders in a consulting role, helping them recognise and engage proactively with the real issues so to build the organisation they have always dreamed of.

I am married to Costa; we have two children and live in the wilds of North Essex where we enjoy the open spaces and the fellowship with our local church.

Our People : Simon Barrington, Founder and Director of Forge Leadership

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