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Forge ahead in your own leadership

Every leader needs some assistance to be the best version of themselves, so that their team and organisation can perform and excel.

You are no exception and Forge Executive Coaching will come alongside you to make incremental, sustainable change in your perspective, behaviours and outcomes.

Our qualified, experienced coaches will be matched to your specific needs and circumstances through a free 20 minute consultation.

Forge a stronger Board and Senior Team

Is your Board and/or Senior Team firing on all cylinders or are relational, trust and effective team work issues a constant challenge ?

Whether you need your team to be fully effective in developing a new strategy, implementing an existing one, tackling cost reduction or driving for growth, Forge Leadership has years of experience of getting the best out of diverse and complex teams.

We also work at Board Level providing evaluation and compliance reviews and advice on developing a fully effective Board.

Forge a way for the next generation

Millennials have been stereotyped widely. We believe much of this has been a misrepresentation, which is why Forge Leadership set out to give millennials a voice. We want to create environments set up for everyone to win.

Find out how our research, diagnostic tools, resources and consultancy are paving the way for the next generation of leaders.

Forge Relational Capital

Businesses are rapidly realising that it is the soft skills that make all the difference to an organisations performance. These soft skills build stronger relationships – the vital capital of your organisation.

Conflict transformation, active listening, emotional intelligence, leading from the inside out and having difficult conversations, are just some of the tools and techniques that we teach.

Underlying this is a fundamental belief that greater self-awareness makes for more effective leaders and that our Five I’s approach – insight, integrity, identity, inner-strength and influence can transform your effectiveness.

“It has been an immense pleasure and privilege to get to know Simon. He has helped me significantly in my leadership role at Keswick Ministries, incisively and sensitively bringing his wisdom and insight to bear. I am delighted that he is developing and delivering our Influential Leadership Workshop and is shaping our thinking about future training”

James Robson

CEO, Keswick Ministries

“The 4 sessions I had with you have changed my life. It has literally changed my whole outlook and has given me so much confidence in who I am and what I am called.

I had unconscious capabilities but I feel they have become much more conscious.

Thank you for pushing me to think and challenging me to problem-solve through our discussions”

Head Teacher, Alternative Provision School

“Simon’s seminars on leadership have become a highlight of the year for the CARE Leadership Programme”. We have hugely valued his deep insight, wisdom, energising clarity and an approachable manner.

Many of his comments have become part of the DNA of the way we think about leadership”

Allan Beckett

Leadership Programme Director, CARE

We have so much enjoyed Simon’s leadership in bringing the HowWillTheyHear Campaign together as a project to mobilise people for service opportunities amongst migrants and refugees. With more people on the move than ever, Simon enabled us to change the way we operate together with others in Europe and Middle East, in multi-ethnic outreach, to achieve more than we could have done on our own.

Simon was able to bring much sensitivity and grace, combined with clear direction towards action, which has resulted in 12 organisations collaborating across the globe to strengthen teams in multi-cultural outreach amongst people recently migrated. This is now bearing fruit in providing lean structures to mobilise for over 130 migrant service opportunities across Europe.

Steve Smith


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