Published 16th September 2021

With prophetic clarity and practical instruction Simon and Justin have offered us a drink of water for our thirsty collective souls. There is no longer any doubt that this cultural moment is a blazing light of exposure, revealing deep injustices and inequities that flourish through toxic leadership. Rather than settling for an indictment on the status quo, Simon and Justin offer us a way forward. Leading us not to drink of the gall of our current state but offering instead a healing balm that could cure us and lead us from despair to life. Read this book and then re-think everything else. I promise, it’s the best of news.

Danielle Strickland

Servant, Witness, Friend, Leader, Speaker, Advocate

This book opens up an important conversation about just leadership. What sets it apart is the authors’ willingness to be vulnerable about the trauma and challenge they have both faced in their own lives. Honest, gritty and grounded – I warmly recommend it to you.

Krish Kandiah

Host of the Leadershift Podcast and Chair of the Adoption and Special Guardianship Leadership Board

Just Leadership is full of helpful questions, lessons and wisdom for all Christian leaders. Although they do not claim to have all the answers Justin Humphreys and Simon Barrington’s vulnerability in sharing their own leadership stories make this book a wide-ranging and helpful manual for any leader seeking to lead from a place of authentic justice-seeking.” 

Chine McDonald

Head of Public Engagement, Christian Aid

What a welcome contribution to leadership studies and to the movements for social justice! Barrington and Humphreys offer a robust, theological study of justice itself – rooted in who God is and how God acts, manifested in God’s grace for us, and flowing from God into us in all our relationships – that exhorts leaders to play their part in nurturing such a robust culture of justice. So much of this splendid book brings together real life with theoretical study. With so many studies of leadership appearing annually, it is hard to think of a study that says something fresh, but Just Leadership does. A real godsend.

Rev Canon Dr Scot McKnight

Professor of New Testament, Northern Baptist Seminary, IL and Co-Author - ‘A Church Called TOV’

This book will change the way you lead. Its biblical, theological mandate for leaders to pursue justice is moving, inspiring and potentially life-changing. The world that God made and loves needs leaders who will seek wholeheartedly to live and exercise leadership justly. Just Leadership will help you to see why, and will show you how”.

Rt Revd Dr Emma Ineson

Bishop of Penrith, Church of England

From #MeToo scandals to the explosion of abuse atrocities in the Church, we’ve watched too many leaders let us down. What went wrong for these leaders? And more importantly, how can we get it right?

Just Leadership offers advice and guidance to empower leaders everywhere to put integrity and justice at the heart of how they lead. Drawing on their combined decades of experience in leadership and safeguarding, Justin Humphreys and Simon Barrington explore what it means for a leader to be just, and provide practical ways improve your leadership skills and create an authentic and open environment.

Across the world, there is a heart cry for justice – but often the fight is too focused on the wider cause, bypassing conversations about individual leaders across our churches, organisations, charities and communities.

Just Leadership is for every leader – whether you are in Church or other Christian leadership, business or professional leadership or even a leader within your local community – who wants to build their skills and start leading the way to a better future.

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