Forge Leadership Podcast. Episode 1 : Malcolm Duncan

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Rev. Malcolm Duncan
Senior Pastor of Goldhill Baptist Church

I’m excited to launch this first Episode of the Forge Leadership Podcast with an in depth interview with Rev Malcolm Duncan. Malcolm is married to Debbie and they have four children. He lives in Buckinghamshire. He leads Gold Hill Baptist Church, is an Elim Minister, chaired Spring Harvest and is the chair of the Community Church Network. He’s an author, lecturer, blogger, speaker, broadcaster and socio-political commentator and advisor. He is a fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts.

In this revealing interview, Malcolm talks about how he first realised he was a leader, the impact that the Bible has had on his leadership and gives some practical advice for emerging leaders. Malcolm focuses in on the character and inner life of a leader, echoing the deeply held values of Forge Leadership.