Forge Leadership Podcast. Episode 23 : Patrick Regan OBE

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Patrick Regan OBE

Founder and CEO

Kintsugi Hope


Patrick Regan OBE is the founder Kintsugi Hope – a new charity that exists to create safe and supportive spaces for those experiencing mental and emotional health challenges. Prior to that Patrick was CEO of urban youth work charity XLP.

Simon Barrington caught up with Patrick at Spring Harvest where he was teaching a series of seminars on “Honesty over silence” and how his new charity is enabling leaders to speak out about anxiety, depression and perfectionism.

“….Courage and vulnerability are the same thing and and that as we’re more vulnerable and as we show courage it liberates other people to do the same. It creates a safe place and it’s fascinating doing the “When faith gets shaken” tour as we’re going through the content you literally see people shoving each other and totally engaged, totally captivated and just realising that “me too” moment and I think there is something so beautiful about people who just share their common humanity”

In this episode you will learn :

  • Why leaders need to go first in being honest about anxiety, depression and perfectionism
  • How the Church can make a transformative difference to this being affected by gang culture and knife crime.
  • The difference that can be made by taking a risk on a young leader


Kintsugi Hope


Show Notes

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