Forge Leadership Podcast. Episode 17 : Nic Harding

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Nic Harding is the Director of Together for the Harvest – a region wide missional unity movement and Kairos Connexion a national network of Churches and leaders journeying together in mission and discipleship.
Nic talks about raising up young leaders, the need to give them space and to be authentic and what it means to be a leader who others can follow closely.

“I always say that the primary job of a senior leader in a church context is to raise other leaders. And I think it was Peter Wagner out of Fuller used to teach that the rate limiting factor for the growth of any church is the rate at which they can raise leaders. I think it’s not the entire truth but there’s a lot of truth in that. So yes for me to be honest it was always the greatest joy to raise other leaders to see again thinking about Jesus. What did he do. He invested in making disciples who became leaders. And so that’s always been the greatest joy for me for me preaching I can take it or leave it. You know I don’t live to preach I preach in order to get a job done. And you know I don’t live for any kind of public function of church leadership. I live to invest my life in others because I know long term that yields the greatest fruit and the greatest potential not just for additions to the life of a church but for multiplication.”

In this episode you will learn :

  • How to raise up other leaders to be authentic disciples of Jesus Christ
  • How to create multiplying mission focussed expressions of Church
  • How to live authentically and open your home to others to create an extended family


Together for the Harvest

Kairos Connexions


Show Notes

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