FREE Millennial Leadership Research WEBINAR

Tuesday 23rd October at 4pm

Are you struggling to attract, retain, motivate and develop millennials?

Does it seem like all your go-to approaches to leadership development and retention are not working with younger people?

The rules of the game have changed.

You need to know what the new rules are in order to succeed.

Based on unique and new UK research, in this seminar, you will:

1. Learn how millennial leaders are different in their understanding of themselves as leaders

2. Learn how millennial leaders want to be developed differently

3. Learn about the culture that millennials want to see at work

4. Learn about the challenges and opportunities that millennials see in the workplace

You will also get access to a specific, exclusive tool that will allow you to

1. Determine how ready your organisation is for millennial leaders

2. Determine how ready your millennial leaders are to lead transformative change

Millennials are the current and future leaders of your organisation.

Harness the power of a generation to grow your business.

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