Conflict Transformation

bringing transformation and hope

Our Approach

We tend to view all conflict as bad. Yet conflict, when handled well can become transformative to the health and culture of an organisation.

Our goal in all our interventions – be they pro-active or reactive – is to seek to bring transformation and hope.

Often we are called on the midst of a crisis. In these situations we will work with you to

  1. Analyse the situation.
  2. Recommend a way forward
  3. Work with all parties to de-escalate, reduce anxiety and seek to bring transformation and hope

Our skilled facilitators will be dedicated to coming along side you and to walking the whole journey to see significant transformation in your situation.

Left unattended conflict will only escalate. Early intervention is always the most effective.

Not all conflict situations can be resolved, but all conflict situations can be transformed.

Of course, prevention is even better, which is why we also offer a 1/2 day and full day conflict transformation workshop suitable for Señior and Middle managers.

Facilitation of Conflict Transformation

We have trained facilitators who can help you

  1. Analyse your current situation with our unique 5 step approach
  2. Recommend a way forward
  3. Facilitate an intervention that brings transformation and hope

Our interventions often include facilitated conversations, focus on de-escalation and focussing everyone on the problem to solve.

Conflict Transformation Workshop

Our 1 day Conflict Transformation workshop will help your team to pro-actively

  1. Identify sources of conflict in your organisation
  2. Identify the different levels of conflict, the language and challenges involved
  3. Identify the different approaches to conflict transformation required
  4. Identify the common mistakes that leaders make in attempting to transforming conflict
  5. Give you tools to transform conflict
  6. Give you tools to keep yourself healthy and motivated in the midst of conflict

Price £2,000 (£1,200 for Charities of Public Sector bodies ) for up to 12 people