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Our Approach – Helping you be a non-anxious presence

In the midst of turmoil, leaders need to be controlling the temperature not raising it, and to break the cycle of anxiety and fear they need to be a non-anxious presence.

That’s why our coaches coach from the inside out. We want your to be authentically you and helping you lead from the security of knowing who you are is our main aim.

We have experienced significant transformation ourselves from this approach and we now have the daily joy of seeing this in others.

This is particularly vital in a time of turmoil. We will walk alongside you in the midst of the storm, helping to bring perspective and assisting you in restoring equilibrium in your own life and of those who you lead.

We offer an initial free consultation to listen to your situation and discus what might work best for you.

All delivered online using the Zoom platform which we have found to be ideally suited to creating the trusting relationship with you that will address your biggest challenges and opportunities.

We are confident that together we can help you find clear and positive ways forward.

Reach out and contact us for an initial conversation.

Meet our Coaches

I’m Marianne and I am passionate about seeing leaders walk powerfully and purposefully in the authenticity of who they are.

I have worked in the leadership development field for over 20 years at senior level in Corporates, Charities and founding my own Coaching business. The leaders I work with learn to operate in a more life-giving, effective and impactful way. Their vision expands and their focus sharpens. The coaching style I use is creative, immersive and heart-based.

Hi, my name is Simon. I’m passionate about raising up a generation of leaders who are clear about their identity, have a strong sense of belief and a core inner strength that leads them to have extraordinary influence.

Before starting Forge, I led Samaritan’s Purse UK as Chief Executive from September 2003 to May 2017 after a successful business career in the telecommunications industry, where I was a Senior Manager at a large Telecommunications Company. My focus at Forge Leadership is on helping other people reach their full potential.

My name is Ceri. Having first trained as a Life Purpose Coach, I have been coaching people in a variety of contexts for almost 10 years. There is nothing more exciting than helping leaders unlock their potential, and see possibilities that had previously alluded them.

I offer a variety of coaching for leaders including transitional coaching, core value coaching, new venture coaching as well as life purpose coaching to people who are working in all spheres of business.

I’m Cathie and I am hard-wired to help my clients embrace their core values and live them out with clarity, integrity and conviction.

As a compassionate listener and change-agent my career has crossed nations, cultures and industries. I have worked as a leader and mentor in education, the charity sector and refugee engagement as well as mainstream consulting and coaching with European companies.  I now thrive as a coach and thinking partner with founders, leaders and other fearless adventurers.

Our Offer

We always connect with our clients for an initial *free* consultation to determine whether or not our coaching can make a transformative difference.

We will tell you if not.

Our online coaching consists of 6 sessions of 75 minutes length over a period of 3 months.

Our rates are very competitive and we offer discounts for Charity and Public Sector employees. Get in touch if that’s you.

Reach out and contact us to book your initial conversation.

C-Suite Coaching Package

Our C-Suite Transformational Coaching Package consists of a free consultation followed by 6 x online sessions over a period of 3 to 6 months.

Price £1300 ( Charities £1000 )

Senior Manager Coaching Package

Our Senior Manager Transformational Coaching Package consists of a free consultation followed by 2 x face to face sessions and 4 online sessions over a period of 3 to 6 months.

Price : £1100 (Charities £800)

Senior Team Coaching Package

Six sessions of coaching ( online ) for each Senior Team member ( up to 6 people including the CEO )

Price £6000 (Charities £5000)

“The 4 sessions I had with you have changed my life. It has literally changed my whole outlook and has given me so much confidence in who I am and what I am called.

I had unconscious capabilities but I feel they have become much more conscious.

Thank you for pushing me to think and challenging me to problem-solve through our discussions”

“Your input and skilful questioning has meant aspects of my role that I wouldn’t yet have addressed have been considered and planned for accordingly. This has been invaluable and will no doubt maximise the impact of the next 6 months”

“I would encourage anyone in leadership to set aside time to be coached – it has really transformed me as a person (well is transforming me – as I’m not there yet!) in both my work life and my home life.”

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