What others are saying about us

Allan Beckett

CARE Leadership Programme Director

“Simon’s seminars on leadership have become a highlight of the year for the CARE Leadership Programme”. We have hugely valued his deep insight, wisdom, energising clarity and an approachable manner.

Many of his comments have become part of the DNA of the way we think about leadership”

John Paul Davies

Presenter : Sky Television

“Simon is a leader with a proven track-record of instigating prolonged growth, lasting change and possesses an innate ability to recognise and hone leadership potential.

I witnessed first hand how his leadership at Samaritans Purse UK led to sustained internal growth and significant differences made in the lives of many people suffering throughout the developing World.

He’s a man of action and an enabler who has inspired people from all walks of life to make a difference for good in our World. His concern for social justice is allied with a deep understanding of the foundational principles needed for truly effective leadership and personal change.

He’s a natural learner and his leadership is informed by the authenticity of his own experiences. He is a man of integrity and wisdom blessed with the gift of oratory and an ability to communicate clearly and concisely.”

James Robson

Director, Keswick Ministries

“It has been an immense pleasure and privilege to get to know Simon. He has helped me significantly in my leadership role at Keswick Ministries, incisively and sensitively bringing his wisdom and insight to bear. I am delighted that he is developing and delivering our Influential Leadership Workshop and is shaping our thinking about future training”