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Rachel Luetchford

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Does your organisation want to know how to better attract, retain, motivate and develop millennial leaders?

Are you losing young staff or finding it difficult to keep them?

Are you a millennial leader who wants to know why you are struggling in your current workplace culture?

Are you a leadership development practitioner who is wrestling with why existing models of leadership development don’t work any more?

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We have now completed a significant piece of qualitative and quantitative research into the leadership development needs of millennials who are already in leading across a range of sectors . This research interviewed in-depth 50 millennial leaders and analysed a further 450 responses to an online survey.

The themes of the research included i) the leadership culture millennials are developing ii) their preferred leadership development approaches iii) the leadership opportunities and challenges they saw and iv) the preferred characteristics of a millennial leader.

We have now completed the data collection part of the research and are currently analysing the results.

The results challenge the existing stereotypes and literature and give significant concrete recommendations as to why your organisation is finding it difficult to work with millennials and what you can do about it.

Every business, charity and organisation and faith group that works with, employs, markets to, develops or fundraises from millennials will be challenged and receive significant insight from the results, analysis and recommendations.

The full results will be published in October 2018. Fill in the form below to make sure that you receive the published report.


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